Let's go hiking to Grass Island!!

Dear NA toastmasters,

Long time no see! How are you these days?
Now the most beautiful season is around the corner. The bright sunshine, the comfortable weather are calling on you all to go outdoors to experience the beauty of nature. It is time for us to get together to have fun!
Now here comes the good news. NATMC are going to organize an outing next weekend. Let's go hiking to the Grass Island to enjoy a relaxing and joyful afternoon!
Grass Island is a beautiful island not far from CUHK. It is famous for the panoramic views of the surrounding seas as well as the amazing scenery of green grassland. It is a unique place for us to have a brief escape away from the busy city life. We can experience the special  fishing culture of HK,too.
We prepare various of exciting activities for you, including visiting famous tourists of interest on the island, enjoying beautiful seascape,climbing reefs and playing games. Look at amazingly beauty in the following picture of Grass Island!

Here is the details of NATMC Grass Island Hiking.

Date: June 5th
Time and Venue for gathering: 12:00pm in University Station 
Fee: HK$10

Friendly reminder:
1, Because we should go to the island by ship, we should arrange our activity according to the shipping schedule. So please be punctual!
1, Please wearing comfortable sports suit and sneakers.You may consider wearing sun-scream and using umbrellas to protect yourself from strong sunlight.
2,We will have lunch on the island at around 2:00pm. You can eat some snacks before we start our journey.
3,The shipping fee (HK$56 for a around trip) and lunch fee is not included in the HK$10 fee.

Please reply this email before June 1st if you want to join our trip. Don't miss the chance to experience a brilliant afternoon!

Vice-president of Membership


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